Time for a quick update…

So far we have details of 242 individual pigeons from 4 locations. Early results are certainly interesting!

Of these pigeons, 62 show the blue bar (wild type) plumage, but 112 show individuals show the chequered (or check) plumage. This is interesting as the blue bar phenotype is dominant over the chequered phenotype. It would be more likely that a blue bar plumage would be inherited and expressed in an individual than the chequered plumage, so these results are not consistent with this. It may be that having a chequered plumage may be more beneficial to an individual than a blue bar plumage.

Clearly, these results could be due to lack of data – hopefully more results will bring greater clarity.

So, if you’re out and about, please count your pigeons!

For more info, please see my last post: Let’s get pigeon spotting!

Thanks again to those that have sent in their results.