After my post from a few days ago about the volume of food a pigeon flocks requires being far greater than that dropped by people, the wonderful Rev at Pigeons as Pets posted a very topical blog post:

The blog shows a photo of a feral pigeon enjoying berries in much the same was as their larger cousins, the wood pigeon (Colubma palumbus).

Feral pigeons munching on berries is something I’ve never witnessed but it must happen more often than we realise. Many pigeons outside the UK regularly fly to and from feeding grounds outside of the city/town to feed, especially on fields of peas. Although peas are not a ‘wild’ food, it clearly shows they have the instincts and ability to make the most of any opportunity.

Does anyone else have any photos of pigeons eating ‘wild food’? I’d love to see them.

Do check out Pigeons as Pets… The wonderful Elmo and Georgie are legendary.